Engineering Services

We make it easy to shop for all of your energy solution needs at wholesale prices.

Need some extra help with your Building Automation System (BAS) design? We offer a variety of engineering services including:

  • Submittal design & as-built documentation
  • Contractor coordination
  • Programming/database development
  • Equipment graphics
  • Floorplan graphics
  • BAS Design consultation
  • Engineering standardization assistance

Receive a customized proposal combining these services based on your individual needs. We will provide pricing and work with your budget.

Currently offering services listed above for:

Let us know if you need support with another system as well!

Proposal Process

1. Client to provide scope details, plans & specifications.

2. Our engineering services sales team will review.

3. Receive a detailed proposal and pricing (48-hour turnaround is our goal!)

Design Process

1. Internal sales-to-engineering team turnover discussion

2. Engineer to review sales and project documentation

3. Request equipment submittals, AutoCAD files, existing site information

4. Submit Request for Information (RFI) addressing any discrepancies or concerns

5. Thorough internal engineering review

6. Provide completed design product to client

Examples & Samples


Full Submittal Example 1 Full Submittal Example 2 Full Submittal Example 3

Floor Plans


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